Alaska: Alyeska Resort Hotel For Less

Located in Girdwood, Alaska, the Alyeska Resort offers majestic views of the Cook Inlet cutting through the Chugach mountain range that are quintessential Alaska.  A visit in the summer for a hike to the top is highly recommended.  A trip in the winter for skiing will be a top-rated experience with short lift lines and good terrain.  The annual snowfall at the top of the mountain is 650 inches with a report 208 inches at the base. The ski resort is approximately 27 miles from the edge of Anchorage, Alaska.  For planning purposes, I advise allowing 60 minutes of drive time from Ted Stevens Airport or downtown Anchorage.  The 300 room Alyeska Hotel provides a nice get away.  In the spirit of education, I will share my tactic for paying less for a room.

Alyeska Resort

My first internet stop is the resort’s homepage.  There I look for promotional offers, packages or group discounts.  In my case, I check out the military rates.  Alyeska Resort is extremely gracious in their support of the service members stationed in Alaska.  For this, I greatly appreciate the reduced rates and give my thanks.  The best price I found was $119, excluding taxes and fee.

Yes, I can hear Bill Shatner telling me to name my own price.  Those days are gone, but the express deals are worth a look.  These deals do not list the name of the hotel, so a level of risk is involved for a reduced rate.  Also, these reservations are not refundable.  Therefore, a person needs to have firm plans before making a purchase.  How would it turn out for Girdwood, Alaska?

4 Star Hotel in Girdwood, AK

In this case, there is only one 4 star hotel in Girdwood.  The chance the express deal was at another location was extremely low.  Overall, I liked my chances of saving $21 ($19 + taxes) because I am military.  For others, the savings are even more substantial.  I must admit though, if the selection did not go as planned, I was mentally prepared to ask my family: Are you ready for an adventure?


The selection on paid off.  I was able to select a standard room with two double beds.  This method illustrates that just a little research can save money.  Overtime, saving a little here and there adds up to real money that can then be invested for the long haul.  I encourage you to spend wisely.  I wish you the best toward financial security, freedom and adventure.

Post Script

  • Make every purchase count
  • Research leads to knowledge and financial strength
  • I do not receive any kickback from any company mentioned

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